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At Cannabidiol Life, we infuse our premium hemp products with CBD sourced from USDA Certified Organic Hemp grown in Colorado, USA.

We guarantee you and your family will love our hemp-derived and delicious CBD-infused wellness gummies.

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Buy the Best CBD Gummies Online

Make your CBD experience more fun and exciting with our best-selling CBD gummies from Cannabidiol Life. A perfect option for new and avid CBD users, our gummies deliver all-natural CBD benefits with a delicious, familiar taste everyone is guaranteed to love. If you are looking to minimize stress, reduce feelings of discomfort, or get better rest every night, you are in the right place!

At Cannabidiol Life, our hemp gummies are made with the purest CBD extracts obtained from American hemp and the highest-quality ingredients available. Whether you choose our classic CBD gummy bears, our customer-favorite CBD gummy worms, or our vegan CBD gummies, you can rest assured you are getting the best CBD gummies online today.

Benefits and Effects

Incorporating our CBD gummies into your everyday routine can help support various aspects of a healthy and active lifestyle. Due to its natural interaction with our endocannabinoid system (more on that below), daily use of CBD-infused gummies can provide you with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved stress management
  • Reduced discomfort and fatigue
  • Support for post-exercise recovery
  • Overall feelings of relaxation
  • Enhanced mental clarity and balance

Due to its calming properties, CBD can also be used for sleep support at night. However, if better sleep is what you are looking for, we recommend checking out our CBN gummies. These gummies are made with natural cannabinol, or CBN, a hemp compound similar to CBD but with more potent relaxing properties.

The Best Hemp Gummies for Sleep

The amount of CBD gummies a person should eat is based on their weight. Here is the mathematical equation to find out your specific recommended dosage so that you can find out how many CBD gummies you should be taking:

Body Weight (lbs.) x 0.325mg (CBD) = Recommended CBD MG Dose

Once you know the milligrams of CBD that you need per serving, you can then calculate how many CBD gummies you need to eat by dividing the serving size by the amount of CBD inside each gummy—it’s that easy!

Dosage and Uses

While CBD gummies infused with melatonin have become increasingly popular in recent years, the reality is that CBD has no significant role to play in those products—it’s really all the melatonin. If any CBD company infuses their gummies with melatonin, it must be because the quality of their CBD is simply not good enough, and their “sleep gummies” are simply infused with over the counter sleep aid ingredients.

We suggest our newly formulated CBN oil and CBN gummies if you are looking for a cannabinoid-based sleep-promoting product. These gummies will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without the use of artificial OTC sleep aid ingredients. It’s a completely natural way to get the rest you deserve every night.

CBD Gummies FAQs

A gelatin-based CBD edible is created with water/juice, sweetener, and infused with an industrial hemp extract, Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a single chemical compound known as a cannabinoid and is naturally derived from cannabis Sativa plants.

CBD gummies can be broken down into different types, such as gummy bears, gummy worms, and even organic CBD gummies. These groups can be further broken down into an unlimited number of options, such as flavors and CBD strength.