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At Cannabidiol Life, keeping things as natural as possible is important to us. That’s why we’ve created a premium, water-soluble CBD product. We are proud to be one of only a few CBD companies offering a water-soluble product that is capable of being lab tested.

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At Cannabidiol Life, keeping things as natural as possible is important to us. That’s why we have created a premium line of hemp-based drinks to complement your daily diet in a completely natural way. Our CBD drinks are made with an innovative, water-soluble CBD extract formulated to contain all the beneficial properties of CBD. 

Our CBD-infused drinks are ideal for anyone looking to experience all the benefits of hemp-derived CBD in a convenient and familiar way. Like many CBD products in our online catalog, our CBD beverages are 100% organic and tested by third-party laboratories. In fact, we are proud to be one of only a few companies offering this type of water-soluble CBD product that is capable of being lab tested. 

CBD Drink Benefits and Effects

One of CBD water’s main benefits is that it can be rapidly absorbed compared to other CBD products, such as CBD edibles, due to the CBD molecules’ nanoscopic size. CBD beverages are particularly popular among active users, including fitness enthusiasts and athletes, who have reported faster recovery time after injury when using CBD drinks. Overall, some of the most significant benefits of CBD drinks may include:

  • Improved recovery and relaxation
  • Reduced fatigue and discomfort
  • Reduced feelings of stress
  • Support for tired muscles and joints

Research on nanotechnology’s effects on CBD absorption has also found that your body may better absorb lipid-based CBD nanoparticles. As a result, when CBD in drinks is combined with antioxidants in the water, it not only provides you with the benefits of CBD but can also give your immune system a natural boost.

Dosage and Recommendations

Knowing your suggested CBD intake is important and should be studied before jumping in. Always try to check with your doctor before beginning any new form of supplementation. If dosages or recommendations don’t come directly from your doctor, it will take a bit of trial and error. 

Cannabidiol dosages change depending on the desired goal and what your target needs are, so there is no specific amount of CBD that everyone should take. Having said that, there are general guidelines and recommendations you can follow to get the most of your CBD products. We recommend ingested CBD (edibles/sublingual) products using the following formula, which we have developed based on recommendations from medical marijuana professionals:

Body Weight (lbs.) x 0.325mg (CBD) = Recommended CBD MG Dose

Therefore, someone who weighs 150 lbs. would have a recommended CBD dose of 48.75mg of CBD.

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