CBD College and Education Companies

CBD College and Education Companies

According to Forbes, the cannabidiol industry is estimated to grow by 700% by 2020. With the increasing interest in the various uses and advantages of CBD worldwide, it’s only appropriate for an equivalent increase in the amount of CBD knowledge that is available to the public. The sheer volume of information currently available regarding CBD is so enormous, it can be overwhelming for some. Fortunately, groups focused on spreading educational awareness about CBD have made learning easy. Now you can even decide whether to learn online or offline.

The need to empower ourselves with knowledge to change the world is the main reason that CBD colleges continue to spring forth. These colleges offer much more than just a basic understanding of CBD. They also allow one to learn about the medical science, clinical studies, dosing procedures, economics & marketing, business developments, laws & regulations, policies, approaches, and everything else related to CBD. These training courses also typically offer a certification upon completion as well.

Many people want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, but lack the education necessary to make an informed decision when considering dosage amounts and application methods. This is why the need for CBD colleges and educational companies are so essential in this budding market. These institutions also have a critical focus on how CBD can interact with other medicines, preventing accidental misuse. Professional instructors can help bridge the gap between the hype and the reality associated with the world of CBD.

Below is a list of few colleges and educational companies that offer CBD training and certification.

Cannabis Training University

This is a cannabis college with a complete curriculum that covers all areas of the CBD Industry. They offer a complete curriculum for all skill levels. This institution covers the nine essential skill sets related to CBD, which include growing, cooking, career, medical, trimming, business, law, bud-tending, and mastery.

CBD Training Academy

Here, you get the most recent information about CBD. They offer both live training and online training. The list of courses they offer is endless, ranging from a CBD masterclass to skincare and massage lessons.

The University of Vermont (UVM)

UVM is the first medical school to offer a professional certificate in the field of cannabis and medicine. The college provides a seven-week, online training, that is designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc. The certification is gained under the department of pharmacology. The program covers cannabis history, business practice, law, policy making, production, safety and more.

Northern Michigan University

This university gives you the opportunity of getting a Bachelor’s degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry. The program runs for four years and offers courses in chemistry, biology, and research that is instrumental in equipping you for a career in the growing field of the cannabis industry. Its main objective is to prepare students for new industries affiliated to medicinal plant production, analysis, and distribution.

UC Davis

This university offers a course called “Physiology of Cannabis.” This course provides an insight into understanding how cannabis and cannabinoids affect the human body. This three-unit course looks into the biology of cannabinoids, the physiological effects they have on multiple systems of the body, their underlying mechanisms, and the therapeutic usefulness or advantages of cannabinoids. This course also extends its study to the history of cannabis use, and the potential medical applications of cannabis and their relative effectiveness.

The Grow School

Here, you have the opportunity of applying for an online self-paced membership course on how to grow cannabis. This course teaches students what it takes to grow cannabis. The course is broken down into two parts;

The Self-Paced GROW 101

This is recommended for all growers. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to take this course. This course covers topics like proper grow equipment selection, perfect grow room setup, safety measures, electrical theory and conditions, cannabis reproduction by cloning, trimming, harvesting and curing your cannabis, and ventilation options and solutions etc.
The Self-Paced GROW-101-E (extended): This is a comprehensive and more in-depth version of the GROW-101 online course. It contains an additional six hours of extra growing information. Like the Self-Paced GROW 101 course, there is no need for any prerequisite knowledge to participate. Aside from the areas covered in GROW-101, this extended version offers additional topics like; determining plant sex, pruning methods for a more abundant harvest, trellising cannabis plants, and advanced problem-solving techniques using organics.
As a member, you’ll get one year of unlimited access to view both the Grow 101, and Grow 101 E-courses and a student eBook.

The University of Washington School of Medicine

This University offers a course called ‘Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain”. The training has been strictly developed for healthcare professionals. The training also gives insight and information, as well as clinical practice guidelines on the use of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain. The training is divided into two modules;

Module 1: This module covers the areas of the mechanisms of action of medicinal cannabis, the medical uses of cannabis, and the Washington state law in regards to medical cannabis.

Module 2: Here, the focus is on the best clinical practices associated with the recommendation of medical cannabis. This module also provides tools that are useful to healthcare practitioners in their interaction with patients about the use of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain.

These colleges and training centers will equip students to become successful, well-qualified technical personnel in the cannabis industry. With the education gained from these colleges and educational institutions, one will be able to meet the rigorous demands of the fast-paced and quickly growing cannabinoid industry. They will also be able to do so with legitimacy and a thorough understanding of the legality of medicinal plants all over the nation.

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