CBD Oil & Acne Research Studies

by | Aug 21, 2019 | CBD Oil Education

CBD has been shown in research studies to potentially aid symptoms and assist in the healing of acne.


It’s no secret that acne is a condition that affects almost everyone during puberty, and some for life. It can be difficult in strong cases to find treatments that are effective without long term regimented uses of cleansers or even antibiotics. CBD oil has shown to be a promising alternative therapy in quite a few studies. Some examples are:

1.)  Acne is a result of sebum overproduction, which is a lipid that is secreted by the body in order to make your skin watertight. A scientific study reports that this is “differentially modulated” by CBD which may reduce “arachidonic acid-induced acne-like lipogenesis.” This implies that CBD may have positive health benefits for acne.  View Source

2.)  Here is a phenomenal study that was published on July 25, 2014, in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.  There were 16 researchers involved and while the focus was primarily on the potential benefits of CBD as an anti-inflammatory agent for acne, they found so much more!  Here are a couple amazing highlights from this study:

  • “CBD normalizes “pro-acne agent”–induced excessive lipid synthesis of human sebocytes.”
  • “CBD effectively inhibited lipid synthesis …  indicating that the effect of CBD is not “ECS specific” but a “universal” lipostatic action.”
  • In layman’s terms, they suggested that CBD may be able to normalize acne whether the person is suffering from mild or severe circumstances

“Taken together, these results strongly suggest that CBD’s universal sebostatic action is accompanied by substantial anti-inflammatory effects, which would be very much desired in the clinical potentially relievement of acne vulgaris.” View Source

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