Jennifer Jellison

My name is Jennifer, and I have been with Cannabidiol Life since day one. It is by far the most rewarding job" I’ve ever had, and I genuinely love being a part of this team. I started in general customer service and grew into pioneering and managing our wholesale team. I’ve had the pleasure of expanding our company across the US, and even overseas to the UK. I was recently promoted to Director of Operations, and am excited to use the opportunity to help Cannabidiol Life expand further, and change lives worldwide. As a graduate Registered Nurse, I have seen so many people suffer from debilitating health conditions, which fueled my passion for spreading education about alternative therapies and guiding others toward a path to total body health. I have personally heard so many heartfelt personal testimonials from our customers, and have witnessed how life changing CBD can be, which gives me the fulfillment that I lacked in previous jobs. As much as I love my career, I also love my weekends. You can catch my hubby & I loading up our little girl & our beach chairs, and heading somewhere sunny. There’s no better way to unwind than a little Vitamin SEA. There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than being a mom… except maybe the hoop shots basketball game, and if you challenge me you will lose. There’s not a single episode of Law & Order I haven’t seen, or a country concert I wouldn’t go to. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for someone I love. I have a million and one faults, but I’m a work in progress.

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