Scott Wilson

SEO and Website Director

A Little Bit About Scott…

Orlando’s native son and self-described Huguenot, Scott Wilson burst on the CBD scene in 2017 (rhyme intentional). Cannabidiol Life has sated his unquenchable thirst for milk and non-pharmaceutical health and wellness from a bioavailable plant-based source.

“I think I realized when I was very young that cannabidiol and I were linked on an internal level, and destined for greatness through the endocannabinoid system.”

Multiple sabbaticals and spirit quests have found Scott a seat at the company table, where he has thrived working with friends, and brought excellence to its web platform / SEO marketing team.

“It’s a privilege to live my best life…my best Cannabidiol Life *wink.*”


I like both Blu-ray and DVD, but Blu-ray gives you more options.

-Nicolas Cage

I leave the hip thrusts to Michael Jackson 

-Justin Bieber


-the Incredible Hulk