Conrad Duncan

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A Little Bit About Conrad…

My name is Conrad Duncan I am 32 years old . I was born in Jamaica. Lived there for 7 years then moved to Mexico for 5 years. The living experience In Mexico was very different but my family learned to understand and speak Spanish fluently which has been a blessing. We moved to Texas then to Miami Florida where I went to middle school and high school then college in Washington D.C.

I am a huge basketball fan and a health fitness advocate, Which leads me to why I enjoy working for Cannabidiol life. Not only does the product speak for itself, the relationships that I have developed from co-workers and customers/customer feedback is amazing and inspiring. As A Product Associate I get to learn about our products hands on and gain knowledge of how helpful and beneficial they all are to everyone’s body.

Can’t forget the most important thing . I am a loving father to a 7 month old adorable baby boy that hopefully one day I can teach him the importance and benefits of Cannabidiol and the positive effect it has to the human body.

My Goal for working for Cannabidiol Life : my goal for working for this great company is to continuously learn and teach others the importance of these great products and to also move up the line in the company by hard work and diligent determination.

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You Can Develop Any Habit Or Thought Or Behavior That You Consider

Desirable Or Necessary.

- Brian Tracy